Bayside Soccer and all of its divisions are committed to the principle of positive coaching. We recently joined the Positive Coaching Alliance to create a coaching environment where the focus is truly on building up the children and youth who play soccer with us. This philosophy is at the heart of our soccer program and influences all that we do. Coaches are the hands and feet of Bayside Soccer and have the great ability to bring tremendous value to a child’s life through the sport of soccer.

Better Athletes, Better People.

That is the motto of the Positive Coaching Alliance and it is our goal as well. We know that every young player who steps onto our fields will also step into the classroom, run across the playground, sit at the kitchen table, and eventually join the workforce and have their own family. Bayside soccer exists to be a resource for parents and guardians as they help their children mature to adulthood. We accomplish this by promoting a positive environment for our players and families which encourage all kids to challenge themselves, learn from failure, celebrate success, and work together.

As coaches you play a pivotal roll in your player’s lives. I know it’s only six weeks a summer, but it is six weeks that can impact a life in ways far beyond the field. Please take time to look at the Positive Coaching Alliance website. In addition feel free to reach out with any questions to Coach Joe at Thank you so much for taking the time to coach with Bayside Soccer.