Bayside’s High School

Club Team

The Bayside High School Soccer Club offers competitive soccer to all players currently enrolled in high school classes. As a co-ed club team, we are able to have players from all local area high schools, including homeschool, without concern for high school affiliation, and we fall under the guidelines of MSHAA.

We will play approximately 20 games in the UP and Northern Wisconsin against various schools and clubs, of differing ages and abilities. Practices are normally three or four days a week, with the game schedule being available by mid-August (schedule may change). We try to avoid Friday games in order to not interfere with football, but there will be some Saturday games.

If you have any further questions, or your player is interested in trying out, but is unable to make tryouts on August 4th, please call Coach Tony at 906-399-3338.

Season runs from August through October.


Marquette – Kaufman Fields

Iron Mountain/Kingsford – Commemorative Soccer Field

Negaunee Fields

Houghton High School