COVID Week 1: Throw-ins and Dribbling

It is the first week of Bayside Soccer and your players are getting to know you and one another. For many of your players soccer is a new sport. The large field, the number of players, the excitement of parents, and the sideline instructions of a coach can be overwhelming for such young players. Be patient with them. During the first few games help orient them to the game, open space, free kicks,  and throw ins.

WEEK ONE FOCUS: Throw-ins and Dribbling

Here are a few keys for this first week of practice for 10-12 and 8-9 divisions:

  • Warm up your players using the tips on the front page of the coaches handbook. Proper warm up prevents injury and builds a habit for these players of taking care of their bodies.
  • Get to know your players names. Tell them about yourself. Make sure to include your assistant coach.
  • At the 8-9 level you may need to take more water breaks.
  • Remember, catch players doing things well and you will have an easier time coaching them.
  • If you have advanced players (which you all should) they may be discouraged with such basic instruction. Challenge them to be leaders on the field encouraging other players, and to perfect their technique.

This week we are focused on dribbling and throw-ins. Dribbling is how a player moves the ball around the field. Throw-ins are how play begins again when the ball goes out of bounds. I recommend teaching both skills this first practice and then reinforcing the skills during small games and scrimmages. Here are some keys to good technique from some solid internet resources:

Throw-ins: Feet down, both hands on the ball, ball behind the head, throw up field.

  1. Vogel Soccer Mastery has a simple visual of the throw in technique. Click on the link or enter it into your web browser exactly:
  2. Soccer Help is a basic website with information on how to teach basic soccer skills. Click on the link or type this address in your browser for more help:

Dribbling: Remember the parts of the foot – Inside, outside, laces, bottom.

  • Laces – for dribbling forward.
  • Inside and outside – for turning and cutting left or right.
  • Bottom – for fine control and quick turns.
  1. Progressive Soccer has a good video explaining the basics of dribbling forward:
  2. Complete Soccer Guide offers a 5 step explanation of body position and dribbling basics:
  3. How to Dribble A Soccer Ball for Beginners –

Make sure to use your coaching manual for additional games, practice format, and helpful suggestions. The resources in this email are designed to help you see the proper technique.

Practice Set Up:

Recommended Practice Format Week 1

– Introductions

– Warm Up: Follow the warm-up in your manual
– Water break
– Skill Instructions and Demonstrations: Dribbling.  (Use your Academy players or youth player assistant coaches for help if needed)
– Practice the Skill –

Option 1:

Option 2:

– Water break
– Play with the Skill – Red Light / Green Light (Dribbling Style).

– Water break

(Optional Scrimmage with the other team or continue practice)

DAY TWO: Second Practice – Throw-ins

– Play with the skill: Battle Tanks

Scrimmage: If you scrimmage teams should start play with throw ins. If you do not scrimmage with the other team or do not have another team on your field – set up a scrimmage by dividing your team and playing against each other. Encourage players to use their laces to dribble. If you choose not to scrimmage then try the following game:

– End practice with stretching in their squares. Ask players what we practiced today. Ask them to explain the technique and even demonstrate. End encouraging them.


Thank you once again coaches for all of your help. Our ultimate goal is to provide a fun developmental soccer atmosphere for kids and their families. You help us to make it happen. If you have any questions or need some additional drills, or skills please reach out. I recommend It is one of the best places to find drills, and coaches aids.

Best Wishes,

Coach Joe

Director of Coaching

Bayside Soccer and Bayside Soccer Academy