Coaching and Play Philosophy

Bayside Soccer provides recreational, developmental, and competitive soccer focused upon giving players an excellent and rewarding sporting experience. Each element is designed to compliment the other. The recreational program is designed to introduce the player to the sport of soccer through small-sided games, skill-focused practices, and light competition. The developmental academy is designed to give players additional skill and knowledge of the game in a fun and increasingly competitive environment. Our High School program and travel soccer partnership with Marquette United provides increased opportunities for those players interested in challenging their talent.

Our recreational program is designed around a coaching and play philosophy committed to overall player development for on-field and off-field maturity. This is primarily why we have 45 minutes of practice and 45 minutes of games. We are the only program in the Upper Peninsula to run our recreation program in such a manner. Our commitment to skill development and game application is core to our strategy. Skill building, team-work, and understanding of the game are key elements of our training which challenges players new and experienced.

Other programs focus on winning at the cost of player development. Our focus is different. We emphasize player development over that of winning. Now this doesn’t mean we don’t encourage a winning and competitive spirit among our players. Rather, we inspire them to be a true competitor. A true competitor definitely plays to win, but especially plays to challenge themselves and inspire their teammates. We want to build players who can do just this. If a young boy or girl can learn to challenge their own talent, play with humility, and inspire greatness in those around them, they can be a tremendous asset to their team and as adults wherever they live, work, and play.

Coaches, our goal is not to blow out another team or always pass the ball to the strong and fast player on the team. That style of play is selfish and does not benefit the strong player or anyone else for that matter. It causes the sport of soccer to suffer because we don’t train our players to be competitors and team players, but rather just win in the moment. Our goal is to develop well-rounded, highly-skilled players, who have strong character on and off the field, who challenge themselves, who never quit, and who inspire those around them.

That is our goal at the recreational level, at the academy level, and at the High School level. When you step on that field we ask you to embody the same philosophy and coach your players to be better in skill, in character, and knowledge of the game.

Thank you once again.

Joe Basso

Bayside Soccer Coaching Director and Academy Head Coach